Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 11

Today we went to the beach with our NY family.  We ate lunch at Kyllo's where we found out McKinley loves clam chowder, crab and calamari.

Our 2nd stop was Proposal Rock in Neskowin.  It was an amazing day at the beach, just a subtle wind every once in awhile, warm and sunny.  I can see why its such a fun vacation spot for many of our friends. 

We then drove to Tillamook for some ice cream at the famous Tillamook cheese factory.  On our way there we spotted a young bald eagle eating a large dead animal.  We turn our cars around and I tried to snap a picture but took video instead.  This is a screen shot of the video from my phone.  It was really cool!!

End to a perfect day, ice cream of course!!! Can you spot the creeper in the below photo?
My shoulder travels well when I have Tim to help me.  It still hurts and I have little strength, but it is getting a little stronger everyday and that is encouraging.  It takes me forever to get dressed in the morning, especially when I put on my tank top...slow and steady is how I do it.  
Tomorrow I have my post op apt with the physicians assistant, I remember that he had really soft hands and then everyone started teasing him about his soft hands and they started calling him "soft hands Dan"......I'm sure he appreciated it ;) 

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