Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 6

I'm home, I came home Thursday and so far it's not too bad.  I took a shower Thursday and I'm ready for another one.  Pain isn't as bad as long as I don't move.  Which is impossible, because the shoulder is linked to so many other parts of the body.  For example I drop a pen,  I'm thinking I can pick that up with my good arm no problem. But it is a problem because my other arm (bad arm) actually helps balance me as I lean over to pick it up.  I can't lean over, but I can kneel down as if I had a mini skirt on to pick up my dropped pen.  It's actions like that, that cause me the most pain.  Often I'm sitting down and I try to readjust myself that causes me to wince in pain.  

Today I'm watching the Beavers play in the college World Series, playing silly made up games with the kids and napping.

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