Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Surgery

Here are some pictures of me before and after surgery.  I also sprained my ankle again, the same one that caused me to tear my rotator cuff.  
I went to the hospital just to be safe and to make sure it wasn't broken.  They said there were no obvious breaks but decided to treat it like it was broken!! Really?! Just what I need.  So I was fitted with a fiberglass half cast, blah! 
My dr looked at a copy of the x-ray and said it was just a bad sprain...phew!

Surgery went well, he did a rotator cuff repair.  The dr cut off the damaged portion and used sutures to pull the healthy tendon back into place and anchored them into the top of my humerus bone. He also shaved the bone to clean things up so the sutures wouldn't snag on any bone.

I'm at my parents house, they are taking excellent care of me.  My parents are going thru a storage shed that is going to be torn down.  It has old clothes, random items, games and old decorations from the 70's.  
One of the items was an old German military hat that I bought when the Berlin Wall came down (yes I was there 6 months after that November night it first started to be torn down).  The kids found the hat and I took some pictures.

My Mom has made homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles, homemade elephant ears and she even french braided my hair like old times.

McKinley cries when she has to say goodbye to me when she visits, and that just breaks my mama heart.  Tonight I'm missing Reagan's piano recital, I feel bad but I'm just in too much pain.

I'm loopy, in pain and tired and in pain.  It has taken me 2 hours to complete this post.