Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mr. Fluffy

Last Monday I got Reagan out of bed to watch the meteor shower.  But instead, this little guy startled us.  That's a porcupine incase you couldn't tell.

We don't live in the country or even close to a forest.  Mr. Fluffy stumbled around our driveway like he was drunk.  Turns out porcupines have bad eye sight. Which explains his odd walking and stumbling around.

Lincoln & Tim were both bummed they missed Mr. Fluffy.  

Then two days later, after my girlfriends dropped me off at home, guess who they saw as they were driving down our street?

Yup, you guessed it, either the same guy or a relative, but definitely a porcupine.

So, Friday night we went on a Mr. Fluffy hunt.  Although we didn't find him, we sure had fun looking.

Lincoln is still hoping we spot him again, and I have strict instructions on how to wake him up :)  Man I love that boy!!! 😊😊

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