Friday, August 16, 2013

Reagan turned 10 and her party was out of this world!!

Reagan asked for an outer space birthday party.  We had lots of ideas on how we could make this happen.  Sleep outside, have the party late at night, watch ET, etc...

But none of them felt right.  Tim had the idea of putting black paper over the windows and poking holes in the paper to make it look like stars.  Which gave me the idea to use black construction grade plastic from Lowe's for $8.99 a roll.  I hung it from the ceiling with thumb tacks.  I also bought a few black lights but quickly realized we would need the bigger brighter ones.  Thankfully the local rental party store had them for only $8.00 a light and they were 24 inches long...perfect!!

Here is a picture of the set up.

 We also had glow in the dark paint & star stickers.
But when we ran out we just used my little cricket and cut out little white stars and planets because they glowed with the black light.....genius!!

The kids played pin the flag on the moon, Ian was the only one that actually got it on the moon, the other kids landed far off in the galaxy.

 Her bff Sarah made this sign with the new neon permanent sharpie pens.

 Reagan painted all their names on the black plastic.

 Below is a typical boy/girl party, boys on one side and girls on the other.  
Hehehehe, they are so cute and are all great kids and I'm so glad that we kept the party small.


We got dry ice and had alien juice, mars bars, saturn snickerdoodle cookies made by her bff's mom (they are her favorite cookie), and starbursts.  Everyone went home with a water rocket!


After the boys went home Reagan had her first sleep over with just the girls.
I blew up an air mattress for two of the girls to sleep in .  But in the morning I found 2 girls in one bed and 2 girls in another bed.  They also didn't go to bed until 2am!!!  Yikes!!  Next sleep over might just be 1 friend.

She had a great birthday and we are
 so proud of our smart, funny, loving, 
kindhearted, athletic and beautiful daughter!!!

She is coming to the Portland/Salem area September 26-29th
 and if you want your picture taken I would contact her today!!

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Rachel said...

You are so creative! I hope you don't mind that I will be stealing some of your fabulous ideas!