Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our brown eyed boy

My Brown Eyed boy
by Patrick Patterson

Night falls heaven calls, 
Somewhere beyond these earthly walls. 
All our stars shine all the same. 
In my prayers I speak your name. 

It appears, heaven hears, 
Though we have shed many tears. 
All of sorrow turns to joy. 
In my blessed brown eyed boy. 

We are one, never done, 
As close as when we first begun. 
No power born can yet destroy, 
Our love my precious brown eyed boy. 

I sigh, theres no reply, 
Sometimes theres no reason why. 
A part of you is part of me, 
And memory's tranquility. 

I remember superman, and he remembers me. 
I remember cow boy boots and falling from a tree. 
I remember questions and a favorite baby toy. 
And I remember the love of a precious brown eyed boy. 

We came through pain and circumstance, 
Did render us our due. 
But God gave me abundant chance, 
To say how I love you. 

So as you live and laugh and grow, 
Have joy in all you do. 
The day will never come you know, 
When I stop loving you. 

I had been a rover, I had walked a weary mile. 
But I learned love all over when I First saw your smile. 
The former complications were but castles in the sand. 
My heart found vindication in the touch of your small hand. 

Let others chase the future as the present slips away. 
I comfort in the nature of the things a boy will say. 
whispered simple innocence that never could annoy. 
How joyful is the confidence of a little brown eyed boy. 

In the past there has been sorrow even some of it was just. 
We wait upon tomorrow with a childs simple trust. 
For the life that cometh after shall this hoping heart employ. 
All the glory in the laughter of my loving brown eyed boy. 

From him I've learned, deep in my heart, 
How God so loved the world. 
To stand and see his small life start, 
And concienceness unfurled. 

Much greater than myself I've found, 
My love for you to be. 
My brown eyed boy just look around, 
This IS eternity.

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