Monday, November 18, 2013

Purple rain

When I was a little girl my mom loved to curl my hair.  She had two boys and she finally got her girl and had pink curlers in my hair at 18 months.  I was born with lots of hair.  I did not like when my mom curled my hair or put those soft pink curlers in either.  She bribed me all the time, I only loved it when she French braided or did twin braids like Laura Engalls.

Fast forward to this morning.  I was at my parents and I was talking with my mom in her bathroom when she wanted to show me her new curling brush iron.  I thought after 30ish years I should give her a 2nd chance.  She was having a little anostalgic moment.  She was doing fine and then she got a little ahead of herself when she thought....I'll just give her a little "lift".  All of a sudden it hurt, mom....that hurts.  She replies, "it does, I wonder why?"  Even though she knew exactly why it hurt.  It was tangled, tangled good!

She was working pretty hard to get it untangled.  I was ready to break it off but she stopped me.

At this point she needed something firm to separate my hair from the brush.  The lead on pencil she was using kept breaking, so she used whatever she could fine within arms reach.

It was about at this point I said, "mom, why is my hair steaming?" Well, she had used a ball point pen and it leaked all over my hair.  The steam was the ink reacting to the hot iron brush that she still had on?!  

Those black markings on the brush iron thing is ink.  It was all over my hair, but we couldn't do anything about it because the brush was still firmly stuck in my hair.

After she got the brush out she started right on getting the blue/purple ink out.

I'm pretty sure this only happens on tv comedy shows, not in real life.

She ended up using Carbona stain remover; pen & ink.  It worked great, it really did.

I then washed my hair in the tub and watched the water turn blue.

In the end I'm keeping my purple stripe.  My friend said that her Aunt gets a purple stripe in her hair to remind her not to take life so serious.  I like that, plus I have never had purple hair before.

So there you have it folks, not how I thought my day was going to go but it did and it's just hair anyway, it'll grow out.

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Jocelyn said...

Oh my goodness Christy! You have such great perspective on having a purple stripe :) It's hip right now though, right??