Friday, January 17, 2014

Influenza A can suck it!

McKinley came down with a high fever first of a 103, then myself, and I thought the big kids had escaped it.

Monday morning Reagan had a sore throat and 101.5 temp and Lincoln had a sore throat and 100.5 temp.  
I sent an email to the school and asked for their homework for the whole week.

Reagan's reached 103 and she hardly moved the whole day.

Pulled out the air mattresses, blankets and have been watching movies and resting.  
In the night early Tuesday morning, Lincoln's fever spiked to a 103 and he started hallucinating about Legos attacking him.  It was freaky, and Tim was able to talk to him and bring him out of it.

Tuesday morning we went to the dr and they tested the kids for the flu.  And as you can tell from the title, they tested positive for influenza A.

Below is a picture of how they test for it.  There were tears :(

This is how our week has looked in pictures.  Lots of rest, fluids, The Muppet Show, Pizza Hut for lunch, and not leaving the house.

McKinley & I are almost all better along with Reagan, but Lincoln's fever is still lingering.  Which makes this mama's heart, ache.  Night time is the hardest for Lincoln :(

They should be ready to go back to school on Tuesday.  

We rocked influenza A, and we almost made it look good.

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