Monday, March 17, 2014

Lincoln had a birthday

Lincoln turned 8 years old, dispite my protest.  He is still a very cuddly, loving, sensitive boy who loves playing outside.  
He plays with the his buddies everyday after school.  He needs that time with his friends, they live across the street and we just love their family.  They often go back and forth playing sports to digging for worms to playing the wii.

His party was at a trampoline jumpy place. They loved it!

The girls gave Lincoln some of their underwear as a joke, they all laughed, but the girls especially laughed hard...they love to "get" Lincoln.

Lincoln loves to play jokes on everyone, he gets that from his Daddy.  Well Nana Shannon got him, when he opened his present it was empty....well it was hidden in a secret spot ;)

Happy 8th Birthday sweet boy!!
We love you so much ❤️
Love Mom & Dad

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