Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camping 2014

Below is 6 years of camping pictures with our CORE family from church.

Here is year 7 camping with our CORE family.  We have so much fun and the kids look forward to it all year!

This picture below is the stop we had to make for one of our children who couldn't hold it any longer.  Such pretty countryside.

McKinley loved camping, but it was difficult camping with her.

Waking up on our first morning camping of camping. We love when the kids crawl in bed with us ❤️.

I don't think Tim can ever take a normal picture and I love him.

Reagan is riding my bike that I got when I was 15 years old and I'm riding Tim's bike.  Reagan rode my bike the entire time and I'm not even joking.

Mr. Bunny visited us outside our tent, it was so fun to watch him nibble on his lunch.

Mrs. Bunny visited us at the playground after dinner, seeing a wild bunny never gets old.

Saturday morning snuggles with our Presidents.

We biked to the South Falls at silver creek falls.  We had to lock up our bikes and walk in because bikes aren't allowed on the trail.

A little fun....

I love this boy!!

Biking back to the campground, it was a bumpy ride!

Lincoln caught a crawdad and some of the kids even ate him after we was all nice and cooked.

Unfortunately our air mattress lost it's seams and would not accommodate another night.

We packed up and stayed for the potluck dinner and left just before 9pm.

Almost home.

As soon as we got home I gave the kids showers and put them to bed and Tim unpacked the van.  As soon as the kids were tucked in they fell fast asleep.  Today we have been doing about 15 loads of laundry and the joys of putting away camping gear & food.  

This week Tim leaves on a business trip, Reagan turns 11 and we celebrate Great Grammie turning 99!  

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