Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lily Dollhouse update #13

Still working on the 3rd floor trim.

I broke 4 of the 5 roof board, it wasn't difficult.  That set me back because I had to glue them.  After I glued them I  soaked them briefly in water and then put them in our drying cabinet above our dryer for a few hours. It worked pretty good but as you can see below I still had to clamp the heck out of it to get the correct angles.

I was so concerned with the roof pieces that last night I had a nightmare that all the roof pieces turned in to ice cream cone type material.....it all just fell apart in my hands.  I was so happy to wake up!!

I have other exciting news.......we are entering the dollhouse into the State Fair!!!!!

It must be done & delivered August 12th.

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