Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lily Dollhouse update #5

Do you see the problem with this picture?  
Of course you don't because you don't have dollhouse brain.
I went to start the porch by gluing in the porch supports.  I have 4 side porch support pieces and only 3 slots. 

I referenced the picture below and made a calculated guess of where I should cut.

I chose wisely.  Phew! 

Much better.

While those dried I started to work on the staircase railings on the first & second floor. I also painted and glued the trim on for the front & kitchen doors.

Second floor staircase railing below.

I love that I can get my phone into these small spaces to take pictures.  I still need to install the handrails and the railings around each staircase opening.

Below I leaned the doors up to get a feel of what it would look like.

Tomorrow I paint more pieces and continue to work on the porch & staircase railings.  To be honest the detailed tedious work is the hardest.  It seems like you make such little progress.

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