Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lily Dollhouse update #7

I painted the porch white. 

I painted and glued on the porch verge trim. It goes just below the roof.

Next step on the instructions was to pop out 102 small gingerbread decorative pieces and 49 larger gingerbread decorative pices.  I then sandwiched 2 smaller pieces between 1 larger piece.  That's 151 tiny pieces. I totally didn't paint or sand them first.  I'm determined to finish, and I'm not above skipping a few steps. Ha!

The next thing I did was glue on the porch roof trim.  It's very tricky, and as you can see it took a lot of tape.  It will dry overnight and hopefully be nice and strong.

Part of it broke in the box and I had to be very careful while I glued and taped it.

Tomorrow I will add wood filler to any gaps and start painting the porch roof trim and the tiny 49 gingerbread trim pieces.

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