Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reagan turns 11

Reagan had a few friends over to celebrate her birthday.  Our first stop was Sugar Sugar. A cute candy shop downtown.

I love summer birthdays :)

Reagan wanted to order pizza and have a pizza delivery boy come to our house. It was darling and all the girls loved it. I'm not ready for boy crazy girls yet, good thing she's not boy crazy!

Ditka and I stayed outside while the girls did....I don't actually know what the girls were doing, playing in Reagan's room I think.
He quickly grew tired of the girls.

Nana brought Lincoln & McKinley back for cake. They had been playing at her house so Reagan could have some time with just her friends.

The girls stayed over and watched "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" they laughed so hard and loved the movie.

The next morning we played apples to apples, these girls are so sweet, I love them all so much!!

I accidentally damaged Barbie from the candles. Whoops! 

Isn't she beautiful?!!

Still can't believe she is 11 years old!

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