Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lily Dollhouse Oregon State Fair results

We actually went to the beach the day the fair opened.  Thankfully our good friend Erin went to the fair to check out the results.

We did it, we won first place in our class and in the division! 

We went down to the fair on Monday afternoon to see it for ourselves.  

They moved us to the woodworking section.  Can't wait to get the dollhouse back home :)  We celebrated while at the beach and bought some furniture and little dolls for the dollhouse.  

We are enjoying the last days of Summer until school starts on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY pencil sharpener container

I don't know about your kids' school but at our kids' school they each need a pencil sharpener that contains the shavings.  

I think they charge a lot for something so small. The other issue we have is that the blade doesn't last the whole year and they don't sell replacement blades. 

Today I have two quick & easy projects that will take no time at all.

The first one is a pencil sharpener container.
You will need a protected surface like a craft table, cutting board, or cutting mat to work on.
-glue gun
-x-acto knife 
-package of tiny pencil sharpeners from the dollar store or ones around the house.
-pill bottle, mine is from Walgreens 

You need to draw a circle in the center of the lid, using the eraser end of a new pencil as your guide.

Next use the x-acto knife to carve out the circle. Go slow, it's doesn't take much.  You can also use a drill and it might give you a more even circle. (I just thought of that)

Once you have the hole cut, line up the pencil sharpener to see how it fits.
Then use the hot glue and apply it around the hole on the pencil sharpener.
Don't worry about getting it in the hole where the pencil goes. It will look something like this. After it dries the x-acto knife cuts it off like butta.

Don't put the x-acto knife down yet, we need to remove the child saftely latch on the pill bottle.  
Just apply a little pressure and slowly move the knife back and forth and it will come right off.

Now you can screw the lid on the bottle and you have a super cheap pencil sharpener container.  Let your kids decorate it with stickers or permanent marker, with close supervision of course. 

The second easy fix I have for you works on manual pencil sharpeners and for electric pencil sharpeners. 

We bought this pencil sharpener from Costco 3 years ago.  I love it!!

But after 2 years the blad was dull and it was breaking all the lead. I searched high and low on google for replacement blades with no luck.  

I had taken it out and was looking for maybe a hidden part number, when I realized it was the same size blade as regular pencil sharpeners.  

So I bought a pack at the dollar store and now I easily change the blades out when they get dull.  I tell you it's genius!!  

This also works for pencil sharpeners that you kids happen to love but don't sharpen like they use to.

School starts for us in less than 2 weeks, I'm ready and not ready, very bittersweet.

Battlefield of Bad Guys

While Reagan and I were working on the dollhouse, Lincoln was building and perfecting his original Lego creation. He calls it "Battlefield of Bad Guys", we all think it is very original, creative, imaginative and that it reflects his personality and creativity.  

There are so many awesome details, it's hard to capture them all.

If you get a chance to attend the Oregon State Fair that starts tomorrow 8-22 and ends 9-1, head to the Jackman Long building.  You can see his creation and all the other awesome builds as well.  You can also see the dollhouse and our family favorite, the cake decorating.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lily Dollhouse update #19 finished

I finished the roof and while I waited for it to dry I started painting the window pediments and pieces for the stairs.

I glued on the roof trim top piece, then the last of the gingerbread pieces and then the last of the trim pieces to finish the look, kind of like a hood over the gingerbread pieces. I applied wood putty to fill the gaps, sanded and painted.

Here she is with the roof all finished without the porch stairs and window pediments.

Main porch stairs are finished.  I messed up on the stairs, but you wouldn't know it. ;)  Wood putty & paint cover a multitude of mistakes. 

All loaded up!

Carrying the dollhouse into the intake area for the state fair judging.

We are lucky to live in a state with wonderfully talented people.

This is the before picture after of our dinning room.

About 1.5 hours later we have our dinning room back.  It's so clean it echoes, lol!!

Friday we find out the results, I'm so nervous!!

P.s. I'm never building a dollhouse again.  I will however give tips, help, guide, encourage, help trouble shoot or problem solve.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lily Dollhouse update #18

So I applied glue to the two front dormers and secured them with tape and claps and left for a birthday party for my brother and niece.

When I returned, both had popped off.
The roof doesn't have the same curve as the two side ones, so the dormers don't fit right.  I ended up making faux filler pieces to cover the gap.  I hope it holds up.

I didn't use the wood dormer roofs, they were too difficult to work with and I broke one of them.  Instead I used a cheese-it box cut to the correct size.

Next I moved to the roof verge boards and verge board trim pieces.  I'm not sure what verge board means, but it's basically the trim pieces that tie the house & the roof together.

Tonight I will finish the roof and tomorrow I will finish the porch stairs and the window pediments and baseboards and other finishing touches.

She gets turned in on Tuesday!

Mr. Hopkins diy home

Earlier this week McKinley found a tree frog,

Lincoln caught the tree frog and 

Reagan named him Mr.Hopkins.
(Very diplomatic, which isn't the norm 😉)

We made him a nice little habitat using a hand-me-down candy jar my friend bought at goodwill for a few dollars.  

Do you see him below trying to make his escape. Ack, hurry kids look for a lid!

I spotted a sand sifting toy in the backyard and knew it would work.  Easy life hack and just plain old being resourceful.
With a little bit of masking tape he was safe and secure.

We couldn't find any small worms to feed our pacific tree frog.  Lincoln was determined to prolong his captivity and worked hard to catch a live fly for Mr.Hopkins to catch.  They need to eat their food fresh.  Lincoln caught the fly with a cup and piece of paper and I helped transfer it alive into his new habitat.
Then we sat quietly and watched Mr.H patiently wait for the fly to approach. And BAM!!! He ate it and it was so fun to watch!!  

The next day Lincoln decided to do what was best for Mr. Hopkins and release him in the neighbors pond.  He has regretted it ever since.  So we have been looking all over town for a frog pond.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lily Dollhouse update #17

Shingling, all day and into the night.

Almost done and then I'll finish the dormers, roof, window pediments, porch stairs, the baseboards and finishing touches.  I can do this!