Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lily Dollhouse update #18

So I applied glue to the two front dormers and secured them with tape and claps and left for a birthday party for my brother and niece.

When I returned, both had popped off.
The roof doesn't have the same curve as the two side ones, so the dormers don't fit right.  I ended up making faux filler pieces to cover the gap.  I hope it holds up.

I didn't use the wood dormer roofs, they were too difficult to work with and I broke one of them.  Instead I used a cheese-it box cut to the correct size.

Next I moved to the roof verge boards and verge board trim pieces.  I'm not sure what verge board means, but it's basically the trim pieces that tie the house & the roof together.

Tonight I will finish the roof and tomorrow I will finish the porch stairs and the window pediments and baseboards and other finishing touches.

She gets turned in on Tuesday!


pohli said...

I am working on the dormer windows too and they are not fitting right with the mansard curve. I am not sure if I can cover the gaps but it just doesnt sit right. I am still putting on the siding on the dormers.


Susan Hamilton said...

I am working on the Lily and I chucked the roof pieces after wrestling with them for days. I cut new pieces out of foam core. No muss no fuss. My next dollhouse will be from scratch with foam core. No more Greenleaf for me. I found the whole kit very poor quality. I love the expression on your face as you poke the roof. The air was blue with cuss words at my house. lol

Christy said...

What a genius idea! Our girls love their Lily. My friend kindly refer to the Lily as Big Bertha, LOL!!! The kids were constantly around so I had to choose my words carefully. I'm so glad I'm not building another dollhouse this summer. Hahaha