Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mr. Hopkins diy home

Earlier this week McKinley found a tree frog,

Lincoln caught the tree frog and 

Reagan named him Mr.Hopkins.
(Very diplomatic, which isn't the norm 😉)

We made him a nice little habitat using a hand-me-down candy jar my friend bought at goodwill for a few dollars.  

Do you see him below trying to make his escape. Ack, hurry kids look for a lid!

I spotted a sand sifting toy in the backyard and knew it would work.  Easy life hack and just plain old being resourceful.
With a little bit of masking tape he was safe and secure.

We couldn't find any small worms to feed our pacific tree frog.  Lincoln was determined to prolong his captivity and worked hard to catch a live fly for Mr.Hopkins to catch.  They need to eat their food fresh.  Lincoln caught the fly with a cup and piece of paper and I helped transfer it alive into his new habitat.
Then we sat quietly and watched Mr.H patiently wait for the fly to approach. And BAM!!! He ate it and it was so fun to watch!!  

The next day Lincoln decided to do what was best for Mr. Hopkins and release him in the neighbors pond.  He has regretted it ever since.  So we have been looking all over town for a frog pond.

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