Sunday, October 5, 2014

School started, late picture update.

First day of school. They all dressed themselves, even McKinley. She is a hot mess most of the time, we just go with it.

They hold so much of my heart, I wonder if they know that?

McKinley is staying home one more year. She started ballet and I'm pretty sure she was born to dance. 

I'm doing homeschool pre-school and so far she loves it and so do I.

She colored the happy turtle all by herself.

You can't see it in the picture but she is standing next to the board that has a picture of Maddy, Reagan's bestie. 

Lincoln lost his 2nd top front tooth and yes, Ditka pulled it out as well. (Lincoln's eyes look green here, can you see it? Or is that just me?)

They had open house at school a few weeks ago and this what Lincoln wrote about his Summer.  I burst put laughing, I love that boy so MUCH!!

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