Friday, April 3, 2015

You gotta have faith faith faith

So I stumbled upon a craigslist find for Reagan. A cafekid white desk with hutch that is $350 brand new. I found it for $100.

We were so excited, it's a big step for Reagan as she is entering middle school next year. 
I made plans with the lady to pick it on Friday. 

On Sunday night I prayed that God would provide the money we needed.
Monday morning my battery died twice and we had to buy a new battery for the van. Thankfully our old battery was guarantied for a certain amount of months and we were able to get a partial refund. Tuesday I sold some of Reagan's clothes and we had $51 for the desk. 

Wednesday the washing machine started to making a horrible noise. I dreaded to think how much it would cost. Thankfully it was an easy fix.

I figured that the money I saved fixing the washer was the rest of the money for the desk. Well, I got an email late Thursday from the lady informing me she had sold the desk to a coworker. Wait, what'd she say!? She did what? But we had a verbal agreement?!  

I knew Reagan was going to be so sad. There is no way we could afford the desk brand new. I called my mom and she said, Praise God! You asked him to provide this desk and the money, God has this under control.

Before picking Reagan up from band after school I did a quick craigslist search again and couldn't believe my eyes! 

The same exact desk for only $40!! I emailed and called the lady and she said I was the first to call and that I could pick it up after she got off work. 

Can you believe it?! I should have had more faith, God cares about the things that we think aren't important. It was important to Reagan and God knew it. And not only did he provide the desk, it was only $40!!! This is a very heavy, high quality, $350 desk.  Needless to say, Reagan is over the moon excited!!  

God is so good!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Christy - 1, Washing machine - 0

Yesterday the washing machine made a horrible high pitch whining sound, during the spin/drain cycle. 

Today I scoured You Tube and found some very helpful videos. 

McKinley and I learned how to disassemble (no disassemble, that never gets old 😉) our whirlpool washing machine.

After reading thru some forums I determined that our problem was most likely the pump. My suspicion was that a tiny earring was stuck.

Side note.
I've determined that a man would have had this fixed in a quarter of the time because they wouldn't care about all the dirt and filth that was found. So, it took me longer and now I have piece of mind that the inside of the washer is clean. Full disclosure, I couldn't get the spanner nut off and so it's not as clean as I would like. 

Nasty dirt and dog hair.

I can't even, let's just pretend it's not even there. 

 I want a spanner wrench for my birthday.
Below the metal round spanner nut sits on top of the metal tub (not the long round thing sticking out).

I forgot to take a picture of the pump. 
But I found a small metal staple. I kept looking for something bigger, not convinced that it was the cause for all this noise.

I decided that I would put it all back together and test her out.

She works perfectly, doing the first load now and I sure hope that it goes smoothing.

This really happened, this is not some weird April fools joke, because that's just not funny.