Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Christy - 1, Washing machine - 0

Yesterday the washing machine made a horrible high pitch whining sound, during the spin/drain cycle. 

Today I scoured You Tube and found some very helpful videos. 

McKinley and I learned how to disassemble (no disassemble, that never gets old 😉) our whirlpool washing machine.

After reading thru some forums I determined that our problem was most likely the pump. My suspicion was that a tiny earring was stuck.

Side note.
I've determined that a man would have had this fixed in a quarter of the time because they wouldn't care about all the dirt and filth that was found. So, it took me longer and now I have piece of mind that the inside of the washer is clean. Full disclosure, I couldn't get the spanner nut off and so it's not as clean as I would like. 

Nasty dirt and dog hair.

I can't even, let's just pretend it's not even there. 

 I want a spanner wrench for my birthday.
Below the metal round spanner nut sits on top of the metal tub (not the long round thing sticking out).

I forgot to take a picture of the pump. 
But I found a small metal staple. I kept looking for something bigger, not convinced that it was the cause for all this noise.

I decided that I would put it all back together and test her out.

She works perfectly, doing the first load now and I sure hope that it goes smoothing.

This really happened, this is not some weird April fools joke, because that's just not funny.

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