Monday, May 4, 2015

Maytag drying center ****update at bottom***

Maytag Neptune drying center with upper drying cabinet. 

This post is dedicated to all the do-it-yourselfers and tinkers like me.

Model numbers 

MCE8000AYW maytag neptune electric drying center.

MCG8000AWW maytag neptune gas drying center. 

I found a company that will fix the heating tube element for the upper drying cabinet.

Steamer/heater until for the upper drying cabinet.
Part #31001666 

Our upper dyer stays on at a low ambient temperature. I've replaced the thermistor and the steamer fuse. At first after I replaced the steamer fuse it worked no problem, but once we ran it, it started back to its old habits. 

Going to replace one more fuse to see if that's it.

I didn't replace the other fuse. Instead I had the idea to reset the whole dryer.
If you think about it, you reset your phone, computer and other devices when they act wonky, why not the dryer, after all it does have computer parts.
It's page 5 in the troubleshoot guide, which is inside your dryer behind the control board. 

Open the upper cabinet doors and behind the control board are 4 screws, use a 1/4 socket to remove them.
Gently pull out the control panel and set inside upper dryer. If you disconnect the control panel, take your time getting the connectors out. 
There are 5 screws that hold the front lower panel in place. They are all at the top and you can see them after you remove the control board. 
The front panel will naturally tilt forward. There are two connections to pay attention to. One is on the lower right as you look down, it's a yellow wire, disconnect it. The second is for the door switch, take a quick picture with your phone of this connection, so when you reassemble you will know how it goes. Once they are disconnected, pull up and the door should slide off two beakers at the base.
Now you have access to most of the dryer parts. 


Any questions, please email me. 

Mypresidents period Lowry at

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Thermistor for the upper dryer

Heater/steamer unit in the maytag drying center.

Heater/steamer unit out of the drying cabinet.

Me, taking apart the dryer, after I removed the drum and belt.

Maytag drying center, heater/steamer, upper drying cabinet, button fuse, 

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